About YC in AZ

Yes, that is me right there, the State of Arizona flag perfectly fit into the background. I’m Drew Sexton and I want to have an impact on the future of our country. I’m graduating from Arizona State in the fall, majoring in political science and minoring in economics. Although I’ve loved every second of my time at ASU, the most learning I have done is through the internships I’ve taken part in and I do believe I am ready to add something to the real world.



I’m starting this blog up for a few reasons:
1. It’s better than talking political philosophies and strategies to myself. This way, you can see where I’m coming from and I can learn something from other people.

2. Blogging is a great way to practice my writing skills.

3. It’s really hot outside and this gives me an excuse to stay inside.

Anyways, I’d love to hear from anyone who takes the time to read my work and I’d greatly appreciate any feedback on posts of mine. It’s very possible I will have a typo or go on a run-on sentence or possibly just write something that comes across as, well, stupid. If I do, help me out. I’ll try to not ever blog in a combative manner and although I’m sure I won’t agree with everyone’s opinion, I know I will respect it if it’s a genuine feeling. Besides, we’re still all Americans. We just have different ideas on how to make it better.


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