Obama: Don’t even worry about our fundraising dollar total; Now losing to generic Republican, 46-42

A recent fundraising e-mail sent out from President Obama had the conspicuous quote, “We measure our success not in dollars but in people.” This came after writing that people will interpret the fundraising total as a measure of success of the campaign. Hmmm. It’s possible that this is just to downplay expectations, which is what good campaigns should do. There are always internal expectations, but making public ones can be dangerous if those goals aren’t met and suddenly an image of coming up short is formed around the campaign. That’s an easy way to lose momentum and create a negative narrative. If no goal is set, you can always tout to the media afterwards about how you actually surpassed your goals. But it’s also possible that the Obama campaign is running up against some difficulty. A recent POLITICO story talked about how Jewish donors are not showing up for Obama and it is certainly possible that they aren’t the only gorup hesitant to contribute right now. The National Journal thinks that things are starting to get a little testy within the White House.

According to Rasmussen Reports, President Obama now loses in a hypothetical matchup against a generic Republican by a total of 46% to 42% among likely voters. Polls that only do likely voters do tend to swing in favor of Republicans and, of course, Obama won’t be facing a generic Republican in November 2012. Whoever the nominee is, he or she will have strengths and weaknesses that a “generic” candidate does not have. Obama will be able to attack those weaknesses, but a poll like this shows that he’s going to have to attack might hard.


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