Business leaders to GOP: Can you guys please talk about how ridiculous the NLRB is?

Quick background for those who don’t know: The Boeing Company, an American leader is aerospace development, was originally located in Seattle, Washington and its surrounding suburbs. It was one of the biggest businesses in the region and provided Washingtonians with thousands of consistent jobs. The problem, however, was that Boeing workers are part of a union and there had been some labor strikes over disagreements between union bosses and Boeing executives on pay and benefits and the like. So, being the businessmen they are, Boeing execs decided to find a better deal and decided to move their plant to South Carolina, which is a right-to-work state, implying that union membership is not a condition of employment. Therefore, Boeing was going to have an easier time negotiating pay and benefits with workers in South Carolina. Of course, the union bosses in Washington State and Washington D.C. and the National Labor Relations Board hated that plan so they decided to sue Boeing for wanting to move their privately owned business somewhere else.

Pretty ridiculous, huh? Shouldn’t private companies be allowed to relocate when they want? Considering, you know, it’s a private enterprise and we aren’t living in the Soviet Union. If we’re going to be the free market economy that we want to be, or at least some of us want, we cannot allow government agencies to command to us where we take our business. The Workforce Fairness Institute is fired up about this issue and wants GOP candidates to spend more time attacking the NLRB.

This is actually a pretty solid issue for GOP candidates to talk about. Americans have a slightly negative image of unions and if candidates can focus this on how jobs are being prevented from being created in the key primary state of South Carolina, they can gain some popularity with those primary voters. On a national scale, if candidates can convince voters that government agencies could prevent jobs from coming to their region because they side with union bosses, they will be making a very solid case that our economy and how it is run is not on the right track under this administration.


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