June 28th Recap

Daily links and stories that stood out…

Keith Olbermann implies Michele Bachmann is a pig (via Mediaite)

Good to see Keith is still in fine form! How this guy still has a TV show I’ll never know…actually, he’s now on Current TV, that’s how. Sheesh. As pointed out by Tommy Christopher in the article, not only are his insults just lame, he’s really not a good political commentator. At least Maddow brings opposing views to her show. This clown remains encased in an echo chamber.

N.H. poll show Romney in commanding lead; Bachmann moving up (via Politico)

No huge surprises here, Bachmann was on her game in the recent N.H. debate and Romney has been attempting to lock the state down since day 1. Pawlenty is down to 4 percent, tied with my man Jon Huntsman, who is just waiting to make his move…Seriously though, cannot wait to see those four contenders debate on the same stage. Bachmann caught everyone off guard last time, but next time the other three will be ready with some ammunition like…

Bachmann: I haven’t really done that much in D.C. and Medicaid and farm subsidies are actually pretty sweet!

(Of course, she didn’t actually say those things. But, that’s a funnier headline.) This actually might be a good sign for Bachmann; the media is doing some heavy lifting and digging up what they can on her. She is definitely the candidate with the most momentum and the one thought of most positively by Republicans. But she better be ready for more negative stories. Considering she’s never won a statewide race, this is going to be a whole different ballgame for her. While these stories don’t make her good, there’s far worse she could do so no need to fret too much. I love her, but I feel like she may have peaked a little too early. Plus, there might be a certain Mama Grizzly that is done hibernating…


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