Huntsman for POTUS (Part 2)

2. Huntsman is an unabashed pro-life activist who has a record to match his rhetoric.

If you’re going to be a nominee for president for the Republican Party, you better be pro-life. Just ask Rudy Giuliani about it. And please don’t claim to have a sudden “change of heart” as soon as you desire the nomination. Ask Mitt Romney about trying that. Politicians can talk the talk all they want but at the end of the day, you better have some history and proof of advancing pro-life legislation to back up the talk.

Jon Huntsman has that history and has done more to fight for the lives of the unborn than any other current Republican contender. Sure, he doesn’t scream from the mountaintops about how pro-life he is and he probably won’t sign that Susan B. Anthony pledge (we’ll get back to that later), but he can calmly point to his record as governor as proof.

In the 4+ years Huntsman was in charge, he signed 3 separate pro-life bills into law. The first bill outlawed second semester abortions and increased the penalty from a third degree felony to a second degree felony. The second bill, arguably the most important, would allow women to confer with doctors and require them to explain to women the pain their baby is about to feel due to the abortion. Many women who are considering the path of abortion are lied to about whether or not their baby will actually feel anything, some going as far as to convince women that it is not actually a child at all. By signing this bill into law, Huntsman provides a reality check for women and encourages them to understand what they are actually doing to the child.

Whereas Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels called for a “truce” on social issues, Huntsman takes the opposite approach, saying, “I do not believe the Republican party should focus only on our economic life — to the neglect of our human life…That is a trade we should not make. If Republicans ignore life, the deficit we will face is one that is much more destructive. It will be a deficit of the heart and of the soul.” As a conservative, it would be impossible to make a more pro-life statement than that. Huntsman is also able to point to the adoption of his two youngest daughters, one from India and one from China, as proof that he can back up his talk.

Again, it’s easy to make statements but it’s much harder to follow through on them. Huntsman has followed through like a pro-life warrior and should earn the respect and gratitude of anyone who takes the fight against abortion seriously, more specifically Republican primary voters. While Huntsman has yet to sign the Susan B. Anthony pro-life candidate pledge, there really isn’t a need to. The pledge requires that only pro-lifers are named to Cabinet positions. While that is a nice idea in theory, the reality is that all policy carried out by Cabinet members will be via orders of the President. If the president is pro-life, which Huntsman assuredly is, any pro-choice Cabinet nominee would have to follow the pro-life instructions of a hypothetical President Huntsman. The pledge is too restrictive and signing pledges only distracts from candidate’s actual record on the issues.

Huntsman has more pro-life creditibility than any other current candidate and it would behoove pro-life voters to take this into consideration when choosing someone to support.


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